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Who is your favorite 'fish out of water' Detective Inspector in 'Death in Paradise'?

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Could it be Audrey & Richard, a couple that an entire nation wanted to see together? Could it be Richard & Hyacinth or Basil & Sybil, couples that you can’t imagine how they ever got together let alone stayed together? Maybe Blackadder & Baldrick? After all, they’ve been together for 432 years! Maybe it should be Lionel & Jean. They were apart for 38 years and found each other again. Or Onslow & Daisy, a couple that were made for each other.

You decide. Who’s your favorite of all-time? Vote!  Given the really cool 11″ of snow in Dallas, poll and voting will be open now until 6:00pm on Monday, February 15 with results posted shortly after. Feel free to comment also on the post and do your best to influence others before they place their votes!

As always, thanks for supporting British comedy on KERA and public television nationwide and, thanks for playing along.

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  • I’m completely surprised that Fry & Laurie took a top spot (as of the time I’m writing), but only because KERA hasn’t shown that series in quite a while. Hopefully this means you’ll be considering rebroadcasting it again? Could you also consider “The Two Ronnies” and “Dave Allen At Large,” all sketch/standup shows I loved to watch on Channel 13 as a kid? Thanks 🙂

    • @markzero: Bit of a surprise from this end too, but maybe not so much considering the two brilliant talents involved. Definitely considering returning it to the schedule, especially now. Have also checked into Two Ronnies and Dave Allen. Two Ronnies more of a possibility given rights and availability issues. Stay tuned.

  • I’m also surprised by the outcome. There is no better comedy duo than Compo and Nora Batty!!

    • @John: Now I’m surprised you didn’t write in a vote for Father Ted and Father Dougal. 🙂

  • Hello Fellow Britcom Fans,

    It is such a pleasure to see these episodes on KERA. I would like to request that more episodes of Coupling be brought back — as it is fun to see the series as well as other shows with the “thirtysomething” viewing crowd.

    Is it also possible to show some of the Agatha Christie Movies (i.e.Poirot)?
    Thanks for your work on KERA.



  • Inside Joke

    I voted for Fry & Laurie, but as a replacement for Jeeves & Wooster. I tend to agree that the talent and star power of the two leads is a big contributor to pushing them over the top.