The return of Upstairs/Downstairs and more…

The return to 165 Eaton Place

Upstairs-Downstairs-001If Monday’s news of Sherlock coming to PBS wasn’t enough, there was the announcement yesterday that WGBH and the BBC have signed a major co-production deal to return to 165 Eaton Place with a new Upstairs/Downstairs. Jean Marsh, who won the Emmy for Best Actress in the original series will return in her role as Rose, the parlor maid, along with Dame Eileen Aitkens, who co-created the original series with Marsh. Set again in 1936 London, Marsh said, “I am hugely looking forward to spending time with Rose. I have missed her enormously“.

The new Upstairs/Downstairs will air as part of the 40th anniversary season of Masterpiece in the Winter/Spring of 2011 on PBS and KERA.

Update from the screening floor….

lead_balloon1_galLead Balloon – this is one that I’ve been watching and wanting for several years now to bring to the U.S. Stars Jack Dee as Rick Spleen, a successful, but disillusioned stand-up comedian and writer whose career has not gone to plan. Can’t help but think of a British Curb Your Enthusiasm, when watching. Rick spends too much of his time hosting corporate events or doing PSA’s. As with all British comedies, a great supporting cast which includes Marty, his co-writer, Mel, his show-biz agent wife and, the best of all, Magda, his home help.

images-1Ashes to Ashes – the sequel to the brilliant Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes moves head first into the 80’s with the same greatness. Won’t go into any more detail as there would be too many spoiler alerts since many have not seen the original as of yet. Just a personal thing, it’s the 80’s so the music isn’t as good as Life on Mars, but if that’s all that differs between the two, you still have a really great series in the tradition of UK producers, Kudos Film and Television.

images-2Rock n’ Chips – It’s Peckham in the 60’s so not a sequel, but a “prequel” to the 80’s British comedy, Only Fools and Horses. Written by original series writer and creator, John Sullivan, Rock ‘n Chips chronicles the return of Freddie Robdal, the Trotters and a young Del Boy. One brilliant piece of casting…Nicholas Lyndhurst plays Freddie. How many people get to play their own father?

Up tomorrow (today, for me, as I write this), one more day of screenings, another day of wind, cold and rain. But, hey, it’s Brighton in February.

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