Tennant – Piper tagged for urban thriller

imagesOk, I’m getting over the ‘no David Tennant or Billie Piper on Doctor Who’, but the news that they will reunite has made the separation anxiety a bit more tolerable. As reported in both the Daily Mail and on Ireland Online, not everything isn’t set in stone but, Love on the Murder Mile will also feature The Office actor Mackenzie Crook and Welsh-born star Matthew Rhys (from Brothers and Sisters).

It’s been a busy time, at least in print, for Tennant since he left Doctor Who late last year. I think he’s been linked to every film and television project that has come out since then. Haven’t seen him penciled in as being in the starting rotation for the New York Yankees this Spring as of yet, but then again, pitchers and catchers just reported to spring training last month.

Gavin & Stacey star to see The Doctor

article-1255644-08913690000005DC-73_468x463In other Doctor Who news, Gavin & Stacey star, James Corden, has been spotted returning to Wales to guest star in an episode of the new series with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan according to the Daily Mail. Corden knows Wales well given the years spent filming there as Smithy in Gavin & Stacey.

Word is that in the new series, the Doctor will venture to 16th century Venice, 19th century France and a future UK. Looking forward to the Toby Whithouse-written episode, Vampires in Venice episode which will appear later in the new season.

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