Lenny Henry checks into the Overlook

Lenny Henry hotel advertisement 'too scary'Lenny Henry (Chef, The Lenny Henry Show) does his best Jack Nicholson impersonation in this recent ad for Premier Inn, a UK-based hotel chain. Unfortunately, for Lenny, the ad has come under fire due to an unfortunate misplacement during children’s programming on Nick Jr.

Claiming the ever popular “technical error” as the reasoning for the placement, Premier Inn did say that the ad was intended for adults adding that the ad would not trouble children because it “created a comic atmosphere as opposed to one that was menacing or scary“. Somehow, Lenny Henry wielding an axe does have a menacing or scary air to it, but, to me, it would be more scary if you were eating dinner in the Overlook dining room and you asked Chef for salt. Just a thought.

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