Who said television doesn't influence behavior?

Whoever coined this phrase must have underestimated the power of television to influence buying behavior.


Why, you ask? Well, just ask the makers of Harris Tweed how they feel now that Matt Smith, the Eleventh traveling Time Lord, has put on the hand-woven timeless jacket for the new series. The 60’s style jacket will images.jpg8now be revived and marketed to Doctor Who fans around the world. According to David Reid, Harris Tweed Textile Manufacturing Ltd,  “We’ve been deliberately trying to market Harris Tweeds appeal to younger people and in one fell swoop we’ve seen this“.  He added, “The endorsement by Dr Who shows that Harris Tweed is timeless and can be worn anytime, at any age and in any galaxy.

According to Smith, he thought the jacket had “the feeling of a geography teacher, or Einstein“. Supposedly, Smith was reading about Einstein when he was beginning to develop his version of the Doctor.

Nice to see that millions of marketing dollars needed to revive the industry can be saved by just the initial broadcast of Doctor Who next month.

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