Ladies of Letters meet After You've Gone

Two new British comedy series are set to premiere on public television in the coming months. KERA Dallas will begin tonight (Sunday) with Ladies of Letters at 11:00pm and After You’ve Gone at 11:30pm. A quick synopsis and preview of both. Would love to know what you think of them, wherever you are.

Ladies of Letters

Once described as “The Talking Heads meet Keeping Up Appearances” and based on the highly-successful BBC Radio 4  series of the same name, Ladies of Letters stars Maureen Lipman and Anne Reid as Irene Spencer and Vera Small, two women who forge not only a friendship through letters, but have some interesting adventures over time. Both in their 70’s, Irene is fun-loving but very swift to be judgmental while Vera is the consummate flirt. The original Radio 4 series starred Patricia Routledge and Prunella Scales. While I would have loved to have seen both of these British comedy legends in the television series, Maureen Lipman and Anne Reid are brilliant in bringing Irene and Vera to life.

After You’ve Gone

Pretty simple here. Recently divorced Nicholas Lyndhurst gets his mother-in-law in the settlement while his ex-wife gets the house and kids. Once you get to know the mom-in-law, played brilliantly by Celia Imrie, you’ll wonder what Jimmy did in a previous life to not get the house and the kids in the deal instead. This one is another from the Fred Barron school of comedy with a team of writers and, like My Family, is much more “American” in feel than the traditional British situation comedy. First and foremost, it’s good to see Lyndhurst back on the small screen. While I always thought he was great in the perennial British favorite, Only Fools and Horses, one of my personal favorites of his was Goodnight Sweetheart, a series with a very risky storyline, but great writing and great casting.

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  • Diane

    I recorded both of these because they were new. I was pleasantly surprised about Ladies of Letters, and look forward to watching more of this program.
    After You’ve Gone will be enjoyable as well.

    • I did worry a bit about how they were going to keep Ladies going, but after seeing the entire first season, these writers are brilliant in doing just that. After You’ve Gone really gets going with the relationship between the mother-in-law and Jimmy (Nicholas Lyndhurst). As I said, it’s a little more like an American sitcom, but it’s still one of the better new series to come along in the last several years. Glad you are enjoying.

  • jt

    13 April 10

    I just read this post today, although I watched both shows whence they were aired. My thoughts were substantially the same as Bill’s. I enjoyed “Ladies of Letters,” but I immediately wondered how on earth the writers could keep this going and keep it good for more than a few episodes. I look forward to seeing more episodes. I had no idea Pat Routledge and Pru Scales played these roles on a radio show. I imagine they were sublime, as both of those ladies are quite brilliant comedic actors.

    I also thought “After You’ve Gone” was very much like an American sitcom, and although I do not expect I will be overly impressed with it, I do enjoy Nicholas Lyndhurst, and it is good to see him in a new show. I think some of Nicholas’ best work was definitely “Fools and Horses” with David Jason, who is also a great actor. I could never get enough of David as Granville “Open All Hours” and later as Del in “Fools and Horses.”

    Not long ago I watched a couple of episodes of “The Darling Buds of May,” also starring David. He really is a versatile actor and seems to play any role quite easily. David, like Nicholas, seems to really add to the quality of the performance of whomever he plays opposite. I imagine other actors enjoy playing opposite both David and Nicholas.

  • Marcia

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Ladies of Letters on Sunday nights and hope you will continue with all the episodes that were made for television. Outstanding comedic material between two wonderful older generation ladies. Classic.
    I can’t wait for Sunday nights when I tune in to see what the ladies are writing to each other once again.
    Although After You’ve Gone is reminded one of American sitcoms, I have been enjoying it. Love all the characters and especially Nicholas Lyndhurst. Thank you for bringing these new British sitcoms to the Dallas Ft. Worth area!

  • love, love, love the show, but wish you would move it to an earlier timeslot, Keeping up Appearances and As Time Goes By, have both been on so many times, Ive seen them all at least eight times. I would like to see the newer shows on at 10pm, and the others later, since they are all repeats.

  • ld

    After You’ve Gone IS WONDERFUL. I have recorded every episode. Why has KERA stopped showing this sitcom? Celia Imrie is brilliant! Nicholas Lyndhurst, too. Thank you for bringing these new British sitcoms to the Dallas Ft. Worth area! Please give us more!

    • Totally agree with you about After You’ve Gone. Love Celia Imrie and also Nicholas Lyndhurst. Nice to see him in something after Goodnight Sweetheart. Unfortunately, there were only three seasons and 23 episodes of the show before it went out of production. We aired all of them, but will bring them back as soon as possible. Have a number of new series coming to the schedule beginning the weekend of Jan 8/9 so after those air and end, we’ll bring back both this and a new season of Ladies of Letters.