More from the Ladies of Letters, pt 3

Yet another note has arrived from the brilliant minds that pen the Ladies of Letters, the ITV series seen on a number of public television stations nationwide (Sundays at 11p on KERA in North Texas). Fortunately, in this last exchange, Lou Wakefield was able to finally remove the pen from Irene’s hand as she explains:

Dear Bill:

Very quickly, while she’s gone to get another bottle, I have answered as much of your stuff as I can, but I’m afraid Irene did insist on taking over once or twice.

With warmest wishes

Lou Wakefield

Q: Given that much of today’s comedy is set in a pub and geared towards the 16-24 crowd, were you surprised to see a series such as Ladies that’s designed for a more mature audience not only commissioned, but quite successful?

A: Lou – In a word, no. But we are delighted, nonetheless, as are our bank managers.

A: Carole – Not at all. We always knew if it ever hit the screen it would work. In fact our audience is quite a varied demographic. Full respec’ to the TV execs who were clever enough to see that.

Q: Series 1 is just beginning here in the United States. What can we expect next for Irene and Vera in season 2, which premieres Monday, April 12 in the UK?

A: Lou – More, bigger, better, huge, massive. Take a look at for a sneak preview.

**FYI, SPOILER ALERT & Tellyspotting note: Unfortunately, the preview only works in the UK but you can still read about some of the upcoming adventures.**

A: Carole – Ooh it gets very adventurous in series 2. Vera is living on a trailer park and Irene runs away to Oz. There’s a lot more, involving men friends, drink, pregnancies, drink, wild parties, drink .. but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Q: Is there a secret ingredient to good comedy writing?

A: Lou – Yes. Without doubt, being funny is the secret ingredient we usually go for.

A: Carole – If it makes you laugh when you’re writing it, it’s probably going to make others laugh too.

Q: What made you laugh growing up?

A: Lou – I dunno. Looking in the mirror has always been a bit of a hoot.

A: Carole – I was pretty easy to please, anything with slapstick (I still love it) plus Hancock’s half hour and Round the Horne on radio.

Q: What makes each of you laugh today?

A: Lou – Absurdism. Slapstick. Irony. George Osborne’s grasp of economics.

A: Carole – Scrubs, Dexter, Burn Notice, Desperate Housewives, Nurse Jackie, Simpsons, South Park, Curb your Enthusiasm – yes I know they’re all American, but there you go!

We hope, as you watch Ladies of Letters wherever you are, you smile and take a step back and not only appreciate the talents of Anne Reid and Maureen Lipman, but the genius minds of Lou Wakefield and Carole Hayman.

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