Want the ultimate Britcom collectable? Don't worry, it's not in Pompeii

Are you a British comedy fan with a spare 450,000 pounds ($696,000) you don’t know what do with? Have we got a deal for you. The estate of Carry On and Up Pompeii star, Frankie Howerd, is up for grabs along with the right to acquire a share of the over 4,000 piece collection of Howerd’s memorabilia. Included in the collection are hours of private interviews conducted before the comic legends’ death which detail much of his private life along with his friendship with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland. Here’s the scoop according to the Daily Mail.

Howerd estateThe Somerset country home and all its’ contents have been left virtually untouched since Howerd’s death in 1992. Howerd’s partner and manager, Dennis Heymer, lived in the house until his death this past year. Looking at some of the artifacts, you’d think they came from the set of Up Pompeii, when, in reality, they’re actually real statues over 2,500 years old and a fossilized egg found in Pompeii that was a gift to Howerd by the Italian government.

For me, it’s enough to just remember Howerd’s camp ad-libbed monologues as Lurcio during Up Pompeii that were delivered directly to the audience. Think I’ll leave the checkbook at home and let someone else have a shot at the estate.

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