Lenny returning to music and television?

Finally, in some non-related Lenny Henry/Dawn French news, word is that Lenny has his sights set on a return to the small imagesscreen with news that his BBC Radio 4 series, Rudy’s Rare Records, is being adapted for television. Music has always played a big part of Lenny’s television career beginning with his days as Delbert Wilkins, a pirate radio DJ who, ultimately, went corporate and took a job at the BBC World Service in The Lenny Henry Show. There was always a hint of his love for music in his role as Gareth Blackstock in Chef!. More recently, Lenny took the stage at the UKSoulJam at the Jazz Cafe in Camden to sing soul music.

In the radio series, Henry stars as Adam Sharpe, son of the owner of a Birmingham reggae all-vinyl record shop who’s trademark slogan is “If we don’t have it, them don’t mek it”. Seems to be a pattern at the BBC these days where there is a definite move towards developing their current radio product into television series. From the BBC Writer’s Room, here’s an interview with Lenny and writer, Danny Robins, about the creation of the series.

To me, he’ll always be Chef, but it will be good to have him back on the small screen soon.

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