Your British comedy Tax Day survival kit

It’s Tax Day. You probably don’t need any reminders at this point. Whether you’ve finished and filed, still have a ways to go as the hours tick down or you’re on your way to the 24-hour post office to make sure that return is postmarked by 12 midnight, there’s always time for a little British comedy break. To get you through the night we’ve compiled a few classic bits from your favorite Britcoms that, hopefully, will make you laugh as you burn the midnight oil and meet that deadline head on!

Tax Break #1 – Basil takes on his Austin 1100 Estate

Tax Break #2 – Baldrick has a cunning plan

Tax Break #3 – The Best of Jeff

Tax Break #4 – Yes Minister

Tax Break #5 – Never ask a Chef for salt!

Whatever your tax day situation, we hope you laughed even if it was only for a split second.

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