Sir Humphrey enters the 21st century

We’ve talked many times here how Yes Minister is either just as relevant or more relevant today than it was 30 years ago when it premiered in 1980. Memo to the MinisterObviously, the original producers agree as original co-writer, Sir Antony Jay, has written three special election sketches, titled Memo to the Minister, for the BBC to air on BBC Two’s Newsnight leading up to the May 6 general election in the UK. As Jay states, we will see the master of obfuscation and manipulation flick through the main party manifestos and offer his unique advice for any incoming minister on handling, or getting around, aspects of potential future policy.

The role of the 2010 version of Sir Humphrey is portrayed by Henry Goodman, who will also play Appleby in our earlier mention of an upcoming theatre production of Yes Prime Minister at the Chichester Theatre beginning May 13.

Here’s the first one that transmitted on Monday, 26 April.

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