Can't complain if you don't vote

London. 6 May. Election Day in the UK. Who’ll it be? Labour, Lib Dem or Tory party? However it may end up, elections have played an important role in British comedy over the years. Here are a few examples as compiled by the British Comedy Guide.

First up – classic clip from Blackadder III. Baldrick wins using the platform of vote early and vote often with a single voter, one E. Blackadder, voting over 16,000 times.

Next, this classic exchange from Yes Minister as Sir Humphrey Appleby explains opinion polls and why you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the results.

Whoever you vote for, be happy Rik Mayall, The New Statesman, isn’t on that ballot.

Finally, in Vicar of Dibley, Geraldine finds herself running against Parish council chairman, David Horton in the upcoming Dibley council elections.

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