Robin Hood vs. Robin Hood

RobinHood version with Russell CroweRobinHoodBBC version with Richard ArmitageOk, yes, one was directed by Ridley Scott, stars Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and William Hurt and probably had a budget well beyond 10 times the other one. The other, the BBC series from Tiger Aspect, stars Richard Armitage (MI5, Vicar of Dibley) as Sir Guy of Gisborne and Irish-born Jonas Armstrong as Robin of Locksley, is just plain great television.

The Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe film opens nationwide today with some die-hard fans, by this time, having already seen at Thursday night 12midnight showings around the country. The Robin Hood series with Richard Armitage can be seen on many public television stations nationwide beginning this summer.  FYI, the series will begin on KERA/Dallas in September.

There’s no doubt, the film will be great, but give ‘the little series that could’ a chance. Here are trailers for both. Judge for yourself and let me know what you think.

BBC Robin Hood trailer

Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe Robin Hood trailer

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  • Ehhh, the movie just doesn’t seem to have that “Robin Hood” feel. The BBC series, on the other hand, is fantastic!

  • Celeste

    So excited Robin Hood is coming to KERA! Not having seen the new movie it’s unfair for me to say the series is better, but it would be hard to top it. They managed to take the legend which has been retold so many times it could’ve been stale and make it fresh and emotional and unforgettable (can you tell it’s one of my favorite shows?!)

  • Brenda Barbagelata

    I have seen both and I preferred the television series to the movie. Russell Crow was ok but I think if they cast Richard Armitage in the movie, it would have been so much better. Also, the characters in the movie did not seem to have any spark between them, and at one point, I almost fell asleep.