The Doctor. Which is it? Love it or Good ole' days syndrome?

Doctor-Who-the-eleventh-h-006We’re now at the halfway mark of the first season of the Steven Moffat era for Doctor Who, which stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Seemed like a no-win situation for Moffat as either expectations were really high given the level of talent lined up to pen the first season or there was a significant amount of skepticism given the series had to deal with the departure of Russell T. Davis, not to mention having to replace probably the most popular Doctor and companion of all time in the name of David Tennant and Billie Piper.

The Guardian analyzes the first half of the series by breaking down each episode in their series blog. How about you? Loving Steven Moffat or, as they say, pining for RTD? Wouldn’t be right to ask you and then not weigh in myself. Personally, I really like the direction Moffat has taken the series. Given his previous credits of Coupling and the upcoming, Sherlock, I had high expectations and they have been met so far.

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  • I like these new episodes. There are tantalizing hints in the conversation between River and the Doctor before she’s whisked back to the stormcage.
    I’m hoping there won’t be such a repetition of “earth in peril” plots as during the RTD era. The character Amy is a nice change, but is her importance, as is more than hinted at the end of the “Flesh and Stone” episode, on the same level as Donna’s, as per the fate of the earth or at least the universe? If so, that would be a repetition too.
    One change I’d like to see is an alien companion, just to add another perspective, as in the days of the Fifth Doctor (at whose regeneration into I began watching the show). I wonder if Moffat would consider bringing back Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter? That would make for some interesting interaction between her and Amy. And as for other characters from the RTD era, Wilf’s reaction to this Doctor would be interesting also.

  • Cora Latta

    I, too, am enjoying the Doctor with Matt Smith. I find it hard, at times, to follow the dialogue, so there’s lots of rewinding going on to keep up with everything. So what’s up with Amy and why doesn’t she remember the Daleks and the planets in the sky?
    Looking forward to whatever comes next – basically because
    1. I love the story of the Doctor (all these 47 years)
    2. the writing is usually top-notch, and
    3. it’s science fiction fun.

  • Danielle

    I like the new doctor, but I really miss David Tennant. Matt does a really good job, don’t get me wrong. He’s funny, and a bit eccentric.
    Personally I really enjoyed the first episode of this series, the whole going through “good food” and “bad food”, spitting things out and finally eating the fish fingers and custard. It was funny and silly, and had lots of potential… Amy was sweet and edgy, and reminded me of Christopher Eccelston’s characterization of the Doctor. However, something has gotten lost from then on. But it’s almost like- they don’t care about the other alien races anymore. It’s no longer about “saving” races but defending Earth. They aren’t going to other universes or planets and finding a race that is being oppressed or need a “doctor”. I personally think that by Steven Moffat kicking all of RTD’s ideas and characters we all have come to love in the past four years, it’s almost like there is a wall between the two. Being a fan of RTD’s work and of David Tennant’s doctor and the companions, I feel almost estranged.

  • Celeste

    Love it – although the rainbow-colored Daleks in episode three made me laugh. Were they supposed to be scary? Matt Smith is so like David Tennant even in his mannerisms that it has the same feel to it. I love how Stephen Moffat can take the most ordinary things (like a crack in the wall) and turn them into something frightening. And I agree with Lisa – I think they should bring back the Doctor’s daughter and Wilf. But all that being said, I still miss David Tennant as the Doctor!