The Doctor. Which is it? Love it or Good ole' days syndrome?

Doctor-Who-the-eleventh-h-006We’re now at the halfway mark of the first season of the Steven Moffat era for Doctor Who, which stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Seemed like a no-win situation for Moffat as either expectations were really high given the level of talent lined up to pen the first season or there was a significant amount of skepticism given the series had to deal with the departure of Russell T. Davis, not to mention having to replace probably the most popular Doctor and companion of all time in the name of David Tennant and Billie Piper.

The Guardian analyzes the first half of the series by breaking down each episode in their series blog. How about you? Loving Steven Moffat or, as they say, pining for RTD? Wouldn’t be right to ask you and then not weigh in myself. Personally, I really like the direction Moffat has taken the series. Given his previous credits of Coupling and the upcoming, Sherlock, I had high expectations and they have been met so far.

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