Keeping Up Appearances takes to the stage

Sweeping it’s way across the UK faster than Hyacinth can chase down the postman to make sure they stop Keeping Up Appearances the stage play.jpgthe mail while they holiday on the QE2, Keeping Up Appearances, Roy Clarke’s classic British comedy, takes to the stage across the UK beginning this summer. Speaking of, David Janson, the postman from the original KUA series, will join the cast for the stage play along with Kim Hartman (Private Helga Geerhart, Allo Allo). Rachel Bell (Edith, Darling Buds of May) will play the lead role of Hyacinth Bucket. Rachel is no stranger to the British comedy/drama world as she has appeared in late-80’s episodes of Doctor Who and several Only Fools and Horses episodes.

Interestingly enough, this is the second Britcom to be adapted for the stage in recent months along with the previously reported Yes Minister being the first leading up to the general election in the UK. This will be a tough one. Can’t imagine anyone but the original cast in these roles.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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