Memorial Day – A Blackadder tribute

Blackadder Goes Forth.jpgWhat would a British comedy salute to Memorial Day be without the likes of Captain Blackadder, Private Baldrick, Lieutenant George and General Melchett. We step back and pay tribute, British comedy style, with a salute to World War I, courtesy of Blackadder. The fourth and final series of the classic British comedy is set in 1917 in the trenches on the Western Front. Blackadder has one goal and one goal only – to avoid being killed. Baldrick has the same goal…and, he has a cunning plan as to how to make this goal a reality.

Baldrick’s cunning plan to survive WWI

Blackadder explains how WWI started

Baldrick would like to know at what point where there was a moment where there not being a war on went away and there being a war on came about. There’s a reason why Blackadder is a Captain and Baldrick is a Private. He immediately recognizes that Baldrick is asking how did the war start.

Captain Blackadder in court

Sadly, the only thing standing in the way of Blackadder’s court martial is star-witness, Private Baldrick, and defense counsel, Lieutenant George.

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