Stars would align for Vicar of Dibley return

The stars definitely would align, but, in this case, so must the writer. In a recent interview, James Fleet (Hugo Horton) James Fleetrevealed he would return to Vicar of Dibley should the opportunity arise. Fleet mentioned the same sentiment earlier this Spring when we interviewed both he and Trevor Peacock for the upcoming PBS special on the writers of British comedy.

Both Fleet and Peacock were adamant about how much fun they had sitting around the parish council table and would cherish the opportunity to return to Dibley life. Dawn French has frequently been quoted as saying she’d be up for another series if creator/writer/friend Richard Curtis would be involved.

Another in a long line of British comedies that further strengthens the importance of good writing and good casting as the key to British comedy success. I can’t imagine another season of the Vicar without Richard Curtis at the helm or without any of the Dibley residents.

Richard Armitage and Dawn FrenchAs you may recall, the series ended with Richard Armitage popping the question to Geraldine Granger. A perfect ending, but I’d welcome more if everyone got back together. Maybe Armitage is just killing time as Lucas North on MI5 waiting for that call for Harry Kennedy to return to Dibley.

Fleet did mention that the set still exists in the bowels of the BBC so you never know. Anyone have an idea as to what they’d like to see next from a storyline standpoint or is it best to leave it as is….

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  • Cora Latta

    The Vicar ended so perfectly, I would hate to lose that wonderful memory. Maybe a Christmas special – do the Vicar and Harry have children, what about Alice and Hugo – are they grandparents yet, does Frank find a partner, does Jim find “true love”, and what about Owen and his animals, and is David still chair of the parish council, etc. I think a one-off episode might work to catch us up on the happenings in Dibley – with Richard Curtis writing the episode!

    • Cora: I think you’re right on with how a special could work. I can only imagine how busy everyone’s schedule is and to try and get them all together for a series would be next to impossible. I think that’s why you saw shows like As Time Goes By and Vicar of Dibley go to specials as opposed to full-blown series when producing new content. We can only hope that everything falls into place for either of these series to return just one more time.