5' 8.25" Python sighted in Boston….

What started out as a day just like any other day at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston on Monday suddenly turned very special. The Celtics were waiting around to see who they were going to play so that wasn’t it. The Bruins are out so that definitely wasn’t it and the Red Sox had the day off so that absolutely wasn’t it. Sports fans would have to wait for another day.

Python sighting

British comedy fans, however, particularly Monty Python devotees, were in for a very special evening following a screening of the 35-year old classic movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Seems as though the Coolidge Python sighting in BostonFoundation made it the very special evening that it was to become by inviting former Python member, Terry Jones, for a post-screening Q&A session. The Coolidge Foundation’s Elizabeth Taylor-Mead knew Jones from back in the 80’s when she produced a documentary for Jones about a children’s comic strip.

As reported in the Boston Globe, Jones was ready with an answer to the question of the day as to whether or not the Pythons would ever get back together. Judging from the answer, aside from the occasional lunch reunion, I think the Beatles will get back together first. Even so, would have loved to have been in that audience on Monday.

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