Red Dwarf set for January 2011 launch

Red DwarfLooks like the Jupiter Mining Corporation could be back in business. Red Dwarf just might live to fly another day if the gospel according to Craig Charles is true. Charles, in an interview here, and reprinted below, alludes to the fact that two new series of Red Dwarf will begin filming in January 2011. Tellyspotting reported here late last year about a cryptic tweet from Robert Llewellyn regarding scripts for a 10th series being commissioned by Dave in the UK.

Llewellyn, who starred as service mechanoid, Kryten, has again been somewhat cryptic on Twitter (@bobbyllew) by earlier tweeting about an upcoming “big announcement”, which actually had to do with his great series, Carpool, and nothing to do with RD. Later, however, he did tweet “…I truly know very little..even though Craig blabbed 1st. On the record, I said nothing“.

Here’s the short and sweet version of the transcript as posted on the Red Dwarf Forum

“…the Smegheads are a thing from… em…, it’s from the Red Dwarf days, isn’t it? Which I can now announce – we’re going to be doing two more series of it. Starting in January next year.”

[Production guy, muffled since he clearly doesn’t have a mic, asks something like “Is that like a proper exclusive?”]

“That is an exclusive mate! What d’y’think?”

[Production guy: “That’s pretty impressive.”]

“Gone a bit nervous.”

[Pg: “Were you meant… are you allowed to say that?]

“Emmm… no. But I got the call today and it said ‘Craig, can you do it in January?’ I said ‘Yeah, I’ll sort it out.’ So I will be able to do it in January and… emm… I’m a bit nervous though – I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit into leather trousers anymore.”

Let’s hope for the best, especially after the last effort with Red Dwarf: Back to Earth.

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