Last of the Summer Wine meets The Player

Now that reality has set in from last week’s announcement of the longest running sitcom in history, Last of the SummerWine, calling it quits, the Den of Geek offers up some of their best pitches to Last of the Summer Wine writer, Richard E. Grant pitch from The PlayerRoy Clarke. In a scene reminiscent of Robert Altman’s The Player where the pitch for Habeas Corpus, Richard E. Grant’s film with no major stars and a depressing ending, became a Hollywood blockbuster after Grant sells-out, D.O.G.’s series ending pitches are brilliant and rooted in science fiction, including Lost, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Blake’s 7 and Planet of the Apes. For some reason, love the Planet of the Apes one.

Thankfully, no one thought of Dallas or Newhart when coming up with these ideas, although those would be more science fiction than the ones listed above.

LOTSWWe’re now looking for you to create a possible ending to Last of the Summer Wine that you’d like to share with everyone, not just Roy. As a reminder, the final season will transmit in August in the UK which means probably Fall in the U.S. on numerous public television stations nationwide, including KERA in Dallas.

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  • John C. Campbell III

    the sitcom is not “calling it quits” ‘Auntie’ (BBC) is axing it, there is a difference. moreover the general rumour is that they’ve not so secretly wanted to axe it for more than a decade as Ken Kitson who has play PC Cooper for 30 years said: He said: “If the BBC has finished with it, we’ll have to see if another independent company would like to follow it up.”

    • John, you are definitely correct. LOTSW was cancelled by the Beeb and it was not there own decision. We had reported in an earlier post that it was axed by the Channel but I can see where using the phrase “calling it quits” leads you to believe it was the series producers decision. Thanks for pointing out. Would love to see if continue on another channel, but knowing what their output and targeted audience is from a demo standpoint, I’m not sure I can see anyone taking this on. Would be a great PR move though.