World Cup 2010 – USA vs. England: Game on!

A little shift in focus just for today. Fear not, however, still British…kind of. We’re just asking you to forget March Madness for the time being. The NHL Playoffs or over. The NBA playoffs might as well be. Each MLB team still has over 100 baseball games left in the season before we even get to the playoffs. No reason to pay attention to the NFL until Labor Day.

Not to worry! It’s World Cup 2010!

As the world gets ready for the 2010 World Cup, senior British World Cup analyst, John Oliver from The Daily Show, reports from the US Soccer team’s training facility as they prepare for the 2010 World Cup and their game with England today, Saturday, June 12, at 1:30pCT/2:30pET. ***FYI, it’s The Daily Show so beware of the typical content designed for a mature audience.*** Enjoy the World Cup no matter who you’re rooting for. It’s an amazing experience.

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World Cup 2010: Into Africa – Two Teams, One Cup
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