David Tennant to shoot romantic comedy

Now that the first season of the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who has come and gone, I know there are still David Tennant fans out there that refuse to admit he’s gone from the small screen portrayal of the traveling Time Lord. And, you’re still reeling from the news that his first attempt at breaking into the American television landscape with the pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawer, sadly, lasted about as long as the Germany-England match at this years World Cup in South Africa.

Fear not. Tennant is shooting a new romantic British comedy film, The Decoy Bride, on the Isle of Man and then Scotland. It’s the age-old story boy meets girl, boy meets other girl on eve of wedding. In this case, British writer James (Tennant) is engaged to famous film star. The wedding is set on a remote Scottish island to avoid the paparazzi. Local girl, Katie, stands in as the “decoy bride”. That’s where the “boy meets other girl on eve of wedding” comes into play. You know the rest of the story. Tentative release date is May 2011.

This follows up his recent work for BBC1 in the British comedy/drama, Single Father, where he plays Dave, a Scottish photographer who is bringing up four kids on his own after his wife dies, but soon gets trapped in a love triangle with his best friend’s wife. UK release date, at this point, is set for Fall 2010.

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