Dave to add the greatness of Carpool to the mix of "witty banter"

You may not know the name, but you’ll definitely recognize the voice and, maybe, the face. Robert Llewellyn or Kryten 2X4B-523P, the service mechanoid from Red Dwarf, and now creator, host, interviewer, editor and webmaster for Carpool, is hitting the bigtime and making the leap to Dave, the UKTV comedy channel that proudly boasts being the home of witty banter. This is great news and a long-time coming for a really well-done, off-the-wall chat show which features Llewellyn interviewing guests while driving around in his car.

Llewellyn, who has been at this night and day for the last year and a half, simply drives people around town to somewhere they have to go and interviews them in the process. It’s the simplest of concepts, but a brilliant one that has generated some very cool interviews with people that we don’t normally hear from and, who open up much more than on conventional “chat” shows.

Llewellyn explains


According to the Guardian, the show, which goes up online every Friday at www.llewtube.com, has been downloaded from iTunes over 2 millions times, with each episode viewed an average of 50,000 times. Recent guests have included Sir Patrick Stewart, Craig Charles, Stephen Fry and Graham Linehan. Check it out online. It’s well worth your time.

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