Johnny Depp as the Doctor. Really?

Rumors are rampant around the “internets” about a potential new Doctor Who movie being planned with Johnny Depp as the Traveling Time Lord. According to the rumor mill, Russell T. Davies will be putting pen to paper for the big screen adaptation.

As Logan Westbrook writes in The Escapist, “So, how likely is all this? Well, on the one hand, the rumor seems to have started on a site called PubArticles, which is a kind of YouTube for articles, and the quote from Davies and plot details are taken from the piece that appeared on the site. Given the complete lack of any oversight, it’s entirely possible – and probably very likely – that this is a complete fabrication. On the other hand, according to sci-fi site TOR, “movie studio sources” confirmed both the existence of the movie, and Depp’s involvement.

From this end, I can’t think of anyone any better to step outside the TARDIS than Johnny Depp. Let’s hope there’s some truth to the rumors at least for a bit, anyway. One thing for sure, this will occupy more conversations and spawn more internet rumors than the day it was rumored that Catherine Tate was to take over for David Tennant.

True or False…you decide.

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  • Anglophilesouth

    Look, I love Johnny Depp as much as the next person, but if there’s a Doctor Who movie and it’s not starring David Tennant (and maybe Billie Piper coming back from her alternate universe), I am going to be very put out. Here’s hoping for complete fabrication.

  • Lisa C.

    Me too! They should leave the show British and not Hollywood it up!
    That said, I did like the ’96 movie which wasn’t Hollywooded too much, and the special effects were actually not cheesy, lol :).
    If they’re thinking about a movie, why not just make an extra-long eppy like “Torchwood: Children of Earth”? And starring the current cast?

    • @Lisa and Anglophilesouth: Trolling around different sites today seems to support the urban myth quality of this rumor, but you never know. I never thought Tom Cruise would be cast in Interview with a Vampire either, but sadly, that wasn’t just a rumor.

  • Lisa C.

    On there was a denial of the rumor. Hope it’s true! 🙂

    • Lisa, looks like all signs point to this being nothing more than a rumor. BBC is reporting no truth to either a movie in the works or Johnny Depp as The Doctor. Rest easy the remainder of the weekend.

      • Lisa C

        Good :). Will “The End of Time” Parts 1 and 2 and the Smith-era episodes air on KERA soon?
        Off topic 🙂 . . . looking forward to “Miss Marple” tonight.

        • Lisa, most definitely. Final David Tennant season will begin on Saturday, July 31. Trying to decide if “End of Time” should air as a special two-part episode towards end of August or if they should air over two weeks. Leaning towards the two-hour special scheduling.

  • Lisa C

    Looking forward to it! The two-hour special type of scheduling would be good. Will the associated “Doctor Who Confidential” episodes run afterward?

  • Cora L

    I’m with Lisa C – having the Confidentials run with the episodes makes Doctor Who extra-special on KERA.

  • Jostein

    Gah, not another Doctor Who movie… and definately not Depp as the Doctor!

    Just keep it going as a series. Movie-adaptions of TV-series suck. Movies leave too little room for story-telling compared to series.