Christmas comes early for Doctor Who

The Christmas holidays may be 6 months away, but not for the Traveling Time Lord. Filming begins next week in Wales for the 2010 Christmas special to be broadcast in the UK with the U.S. not far behind. Rumors are starting to surface with respect to not only the Christmas special, but for series 6 also. Leading the rumor mill is the possibility of a re-telling of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with the potential appearance by a former Doctor as “the Ghost of Christmas Past”.

Spoiler alert!!….Listen very carfully, I will say this only once…DO NOT CLICK LINK BELOW if you haven’t seen Series 5 finale as it includes possible storylines for Series 6.

According to Jonathan Thomas, the mind behind the pen of Anglotopia, “…the Christmas episode is being written by Steven Moffat and will feature both a former cast member of legendary British soap Eastenders and a Hollywood actor. There are also rumors of a “big, big name playing a massive role”. Jonathan does go on the make it clear that these are rumors and need to be treated as such until confirmed.

Couldn’t agree more. Let’s all not forget it was just two days ago that Johnny Depp was already looking for a tweed jacket to play the Doctor in an upcoming big budget Hollywood movie.

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