Dame Judi Dench rose tops Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Seems fitting that a rose inspired by the greatness of Dame Judi Dench would top the seller’s list at the end of the first day of this week’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The “drama queen” rose, with red and white stripes, is described in The Telegraph as having a “light but descent scent”. Dame Dench was on-hand Monday to launch the rose.

Seems to be quite a connection with roses, flower shows and our favorite British comedy stars. You might remember several months back we reported in Tellyspotting on Patricia Routledge introducing the “Beatrix Potter Rose” at the Chelsea Flower Show.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Team England variety of rose, which was named after the 2010 World Cup team of the same name, has yet to sell a single rose at the end of the first day. In, perhaps, the quote of the year, Simon White, from Peter Beale’s Roses, said: “We haven’t sold any of these. It’s wilted, just like the team.

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