John Cleese humbles Entourage star

Multiple Emmy Awards aside, Entourage star, Jeremy Pivens, knows comic genius when he sees it. Especially, when the comic genius happens to make a cameo appearance on the hit show. In a “we are not worthy” scene reminiscent of Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar meeting Alice Cooper backstage in Wayne’s World, Pivens greeted comic legend, John Cleese, on the set yesterday when the series began filming in Santa Monica. Cleese was making a guest appearance on the hit HBO series about the career of a young film star and his New York City childhood friends.

The series has always been able to attract an array of cameo appearances and this season will be no exception. In addition to Cleese, this season will play host to Eminem, Jessica Simpson and Lenny Kravitz.

Equally as excited at being a part of Entourage, Cleese is spending time gearing up for his upcoming “Alimony Tour” across the UK in 2011.

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