Directing British comedy with Keeping Up Appearances producer/director, Harold Snoad

LONDON – July 13, 2010 – Writers of British comedy project, DAY TWO. Still recognizing the brilliant mind of John Howard Davies from our first day of interviews, we started today with Harold Snoad. Again, may not know the name, but you definitely know the work. Harold has had a lengthy career with the BBC, most notably as producer/director for Keeping Up Appearances and Ever Decreasing Circles. In addition, Harold also was involved from a directorial standpoint for a number of episodes of Are You Being Served, Dad’s Army and did some original work in the mid-60’s on Marriage Lines with Richard Briers and Prunella Scales.

Today’s interview, again part of our PBS documentary on the writers of British comedy was no less brilliant than day one. Harold not only went through the entire production process of putting together a British situation comedy, but talked extensively about the important relationship between the producer/director and the writer along with how characters “grow” throughout the course of a Britcom through scripting, production techniques and actors talents.

Behind the scenes with KUA

Harold also shared some very unique insights of some of all of our favorite episodes of KUA and how they were produced including the QE2 episode and the seaside resort episode. Finally, Harold gave some amazing insights on his thoughts of that exact first moment he read the script for Keeping Up Appearances, his significant role in the casting of Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift, Josephine Tewson, Judy Cornwell and Geoffrey Hughes and also the role that physical humor played in each episode of Keeping Up Appearances.

All in all, another great day. Up tomorrow, Clive Swift from Keeping Up Appearances and, more recently, The Old Guys with Roger Lloyd Pack.  Come back tomorrow for more….

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  • Anglophilesouth

    Sounds like you’re getting everything you need for a great program; love the behind the scenes tidbits. I guess I’ve mentioned before that you have an AWESOME job! Clive Swift should be interesting. He’s so well-known for being “Richard” but he’s done so much RSC and other drama wonder which he prefers? I guess Keeping Up Appearances has its own Shakespearean elements. . .

  • Marie

    why did you remove keeping up appearances from the network. In my opinion it was a bad choice. Everyone i have talked to loved that show and would like to have it brought back to t-v if at all can be done. How do we get it back?

  • Bosse Lof

    welcome to visit sweden here We still see the Bucketwoman on TV every late evening.
    We seen it maybe four times now all the programs and its still funny to see it again as the first time.

    • Cammarshan Red

      Hello Bosse! Rob Miffy Wright here. Coming to Trosa this summer!