Clive Swift on all-things Keeping Up Appearances

LONDON – July 14, 2010: Today was more Keeping Up Appearances with our interview with Clive Swift. In this case, you probably do know the name and his work. Clive’s brilliant portrayal of Richard, Hyacinth’s husband, is a perfect example of the excellent casting that sets British comedy apart from their American counterparts. As Clive noted, the supporting casts in Britcoms are as important to the success of a series as the lead actor or actress. No character is a throw-away character in a British comedy. With KUA, you not only have the likes of Josephine Tewson, Geoffrey Hughes, Judy Cornwell, Mary Millar and David Griffen, but even the casting of David Janson as the Postman was brilliantly done and important to the success of the series.

In addition to casting, Clive talked extensively about his character, Richard, and how he, and fellow cast members, “grew” their characters over time throughout the series. Some interesting tidbits as to how Clive took what was the written word in the script and shaped Richard into the character that we’ve come to know and love over the years.

Up next, we continue our tribute to the writers of British comedy for PBS in March 2011, Roger Lloyd Pack (Owen, The Vicar of Dibley and Clive Swift’s co-star in The Old Guys) and Penelope Keith (Margo Ledbetter, The Good Neighbors and Audrey fforbes-Hamilton, To The Manor Born).

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  • Evelyn Smith

    You had a program on these British comedy last week and for a contribution giving the Queen with a moving head. Do you still have this for a contribution? I watch every Sunday night at 10:30 and try to not miss them. Thanks Evelyn

    • @Evelyn: Yes we do. The show was called Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen. It will be re-broadcast this coming Saturday, March 19 on KERA. You can either call then or you can call Audiences and Member Services during the day at 214-740-9272 and they will be able to help you. Thanks for watching and for the financial support. Let me know if you have other ?’s

  • Lil Griffin

    Please bring “Keeping Up Appearances” back on the air. I miss the show in the worst kind of way.

    • @Lil….soon. Looking at a January 2012 return for Hyacinth along with several new comedy series that we hope you’ll enjoy.

  • Michael

    Keeping up appreances need to make a come back, look at how open all hours has done a one off christmas special and it is just as funny today as it was then and it now bring commissioned into a series. This is another one of these programmes that needs to make a return bring it back for a new series. With the original cast and some new faces. BRING BACK KEEPING UP APPREANCES.

  • JeanneD

    We Americans love to watch “Keeping Up Appearances.” In our area it is programmed every Saturday evening and we look forward to viewing it. We would love to see it return, as well.