"Audience matters…" – Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry, who many have tagged as the 21st century Oscar Wilde, told the Radio Times in an interview that came out just as we were leaving the UK that the BBC needs to start giving the viewing public a little credit. Fry stated, “I think programmes only work if they matter to you, because I think audiences are smart – even though you wouldn’t believe the BBC thinks so – and one thing they are particularly smart about is when a presenter is faking. Because I have so many passions I don’t want to do things I’m not genuinely interested in.”

Fry, who just finished a series on Wagner and is beginning work on a BBC series on language called Planet Word, continued his efforts to bring to light the issue of the fact that television should bring programs to viewers that “surprise and astonish” the audience.

I couldn’t agree more, no matter what side of the pond you’re on. Anyone else have a thought on the state of television as we know it? I’d love to what you like and/or what you want out of a television program no matter where you are.

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