BBC Proms 2010 – from Doctor Who to Judi Dench

Seems appropriate to follow up our last two posts with both a look back and a look ahead at the BBC Proms which is currently the happening event at Royal Albert Hall now through Saturday, 11 September 2010.

Most recently, Doctor Who and the Daleks invaded Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, 24 July and Sunday, 25 July with series stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan hosting the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and featuring the music from the series along with numerous other space-themed classical pieces.

As reviewed in the Independent, there were plenty of tweed jackets and bow ties throughout the audience that featured other Doctor Who notables such as Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians  and Judoons making it quite the spectacle for a family audience that only the Proms could pull off.

Up next, this coming Saturday, 31 July, Dame Judi Dench, fresh from our recent interview for the upcoming PBS program on the British comedy writers (you knew I had to get that in somewhere), will make her BBC Proms debut at a concert devoted to Broadway legend, Stephen Sondheim.

According to the Telegraph, “Dame Judi will sing Send In The Clowns from A Little Night Music at the concert, which celebrates Sondheim’s 80th birthday year. On hearing her performance of the song during the National Theatre’s 1995 revival of the show, Sondheim is said to have told the acclaimed actress: ”It’s yours now.

Now knowing this is coming up, I’m even more amazed thinking back last week when she told us she felt situation comedy is the hardest thing to do of all she’s done.

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  • Cora L

    Will PBS ever carry some of these performances? They seem to be such a wonderful event in Britain. Daleks and Dame Judi – although not on the same night- that’s still a remarkable combo!