Doctor Who, Sherlock and more bowing down to the greatness of Steven Moffat

After having just finished screening the first Sherlock installment from the great Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, it seems only appropriate to, yet again, say that both writers are brilliant. With Moffat, you have a writer that had just a little bit else going on this past year. First, he took the helm of Doctor Who in the post-David Tennant era and, then, cranked out three stellar 90-minute 21st century adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, starring the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch.

There have been lots of rumors floating around recently, most likely due to the timing of the Sherlock premiere on the BBC this week and then the association of Moffat with both products. Circulating last week was this story about how Cumberbatch turned down the role of the Eleventh Doctor prior to it going to Matt Smith. After seeing Sherlock, he would have made an unbelievable Doctor, just fyi.

Getting back to the genius that is Steven Moffat. We spoke with him last September as part of the upcoming PBS special on British comedy writers. You may remember that Moffat wrote the brilliant British comedy series, Coupling, which was more than loosely based on the early relationship days of he and his equally talented producer/wife, Sue Vertue. So much so that the main characters are named Steve and Susan.

In our interview, Moffat briefly shared how, early on in the process, he was able to divide his time between Doctor Who and Sherlock. In this interview with Den of Geek, Moffat sheds a little light on how that process played out, some early hints as to what we can expect from not only the upcoming Christmas special but the next season of Who with Matt Smith and the possibility of more Sherlock programs in the not-too-distant future.

As always, I can’t wait for whatever his next project is.

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