British comedy bloopers for a Monday morning

If you’ve just finished a Sunday night marathon of British comedy viewing wherever you reside, I feel certain that you are well aware of all that goes into the production leading up to broadcast and what you see as the final product that fits neatly into that 26:46 time frame. Maybe not everything from the original commissioning of an idea to script-writing to selection of cast to read-throughs to rehearsing to final taping, but you do know it takes a lot of talented people working tirelessly over an extended period of time to create the brilliance that we all know as British comedy.

You also probably know that all doesn’t go as planned judging from the variety of blooper programs that exist worldwide. Here are just a few together to give you a sense of the wonderful chemistry that exists between cast and crew on a number of your favorite Britcoms.

A Bit of Fry and Laurie

As Time Goes By

Keeping Up Appearances

Fawtly Towers

Yes Minister

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  • Anglophilesouth

    Thanks, a great way to start the week. You must have a special map for Youtube to find all this wonderful and somewhat obscure material.