Tellyspotting's summer book club suggestion #1

Before Summer ends (I know it hasn’t ended as we’re getting reading to hit our 15th day in a row of temperatures in excess of 100 degrees), I thought I’d add to your summer reading club list with a few titles over the next couple of Sundays that will be of particular interest once you know the authors. Many of you are probably keenly aware that some of your favorite British comedy actors are also accomplished writers of some brilliant fiction. Doesn’t surprise me given their gift of not only speaking the written word, but possessing the talented wit to put words to paper. If you’ve read these, would love to know what you think. If not, there’s still time before the temps hit 99 and Summer is officially over. Somehow a Fall Reading Club doesn’t sound too bad.  Up first:

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie

– Upfront full disclosure here. Just started reading this one and it’s already a must read. It’s a first from Laurie, written in 1998, that is a spy spoof thriller putting Laurie’s talent and wit on every page. His somewhat bumbling hero, Thomas Lang, has all the markings of Laurie’s portrayal of Bertie Wooster from P.G. Wodehouse in that he finds himself unwillingly thrust into the world of the CIA, James Bond-like espionage and both British and American government operatives. Not near as dense as a Robert Ludlum novel, but much more enjoyable with the constant bits of wry humor perfectly placed within the action. From my standpoint, only 60 pages in, I wonder why he hasn’t written more as I’m already not wanting to finish this one knowing there’s no more waiting for me. A fun summer read.

Report back if you’ve read this, want to read it or are in the process of getting. Next week, another suggestion from one of my favorite British comedy actors/writers of all-time. Any thoughts as to who this might be? Also, if you have a book that would be of interest to British comedy fans, would love to hear about it. See you next Sunday, if not before.

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  • That book has one of the best openings – ever!

    I understand he’s contracted for a sequel (“Paper Soldier,” I think) but hasn’t had time to write it. Something to do with working on some US television series, I think.