Doctor Who enrolling at MIT this Fall?

Forget SAT scores. His admission application reads like no other that has entered the hallowed halls of MIT. He’s regenerated 10 times, which means he’s been near death that many times. He travels through time and space in a time machine, the Time And Relative Dimension (s) in Space (TARDIS). He has two hearts, otherwise known as a “binary vascular system” and, should he get shot, can go into a self-induced coma by virtue of a small nerve cluster in his left shoulder that controls motor functions.

However, what really attracted MIT admissions to this individual known as “The Doctor”, was his extra-curricular activities where he explores the universe at random, using his extensive knowledge of science, technology and history (from his perspective) to avert whatever crisis he encounters unless it is a fixed point in time and space. Beats a 1600 on the SAT’s any day.

Doctor Who, the new incoming freshman this Fall at MIT or just the annual prank of the hackers atop Building 10 at 77 Mass. Avenue.

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  • Cora L

    I love this “prank.” How many Americans understood it? Doesn’t matter, does it – cause it’s a great laugh!