Final Summer Book Club assignment

Temps are hitting mid-90’s so Summer’s at an end soon. Time for your last Summer/Fall Book Club assignment from a favorite in the British comedy world. First up was The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie, followed by The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry.

This week another great read by someone you may or may not know by name, but you definitely know his writing. All I really need to say is The Young Ones and Blackadder. But, add to that his writing for West End stage plays, a collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber for the stage and, then, the wildly successful musical, We Will Rock You featuring music by the rock band Queen. Then there’s the matter of 13 books over the years. But our recommendation for the end of summer is….

Popcorn by Ben Elton

Set in Hollywood, this is an exceptional crime drama that centers around the motion picture and television industry. A must read. Not only is it a book about the movies, but it is also an indictment of the movie industry. What I love is that it’s a great read, has a lot of tension throughout, but at the end of the book, you really want to be part of a book club so you can talk about it as it makes you think. Much more to the book than just the premise.

Full disclosure time: I resisted the temptation to list the all-time classic book by a English writer because I made a snap judgment that most of you had read this. If so, I’d suggest a re-read. If not, it’s the #1 book for your Fall Reading Club from Tellyspotting. I’m talking High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. Great movie with John Cusack, but a brilliant book.

Anyone else have a book to add to the list?

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