Sherlock on the case for more eps

“Official” rumors from the BBC of a second series of the brilliant Steven Moffat / Mark Gatiss Sherlock series have been confirmed. This is really great news for people on both sides of the pond. For those in the UK, you know what’s coming with series one transmitting recently to both critical acclaim and strong audience numbers. For those in the U.S., when series one premieres on the 40th season of PBS’ Masterpiece series, you will relish the thought as soon as the three episodes are done (Oct 24, 31, Nov 7) that there will be more to come.

Benedict Cumberbatch returns in the title role as does Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson. In very cryptic ‘Sherlock’ fashion, comes this from co-creators, Moffat and Gatiss…There’ll be baffling new puzzles, old friends and new enemies – whether on two, or four legs. And we might well be seeing the cold master of logic and reason unexpectedly falling. But in love? Or over a precipice? Who can tell?”

Not knowing the date, day or time for series two, I’m just setting the DVR now for Sherlock to be sure I don’t miss it. I can’t wait.  Don’t forget, Sherlock (series one) premieres on PBS beginning Sunday, October 24, 2010.

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