A Friday Doctor Who scattershoot

Lots of Doctor Who news swirling around the Internets the last few days regarding the upcoming season with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Some worth repeating and some not so much. I promise to forego the constant rumors of Matt Smith leaving, Karen Gillan leaving, Steven Moffat leaving, etc. Rather than have you spend hours and hours in the search bar, here are the bits of info worth repeating.

  • To start it off, here’s a quick clip of Steven Moffat discussing his plans for two separate seasons next year. While promising a “game-changing cliffhanger” at mid-season with an “earth-shattering climax” for DW in the coming year, Moffat also discussed his early impressions of Matt Smith during casting and the odd-notion that Karen Gillan was originally considered “too sexy” by some.
  • While there’s no comment from the BBC, or anyone else from that matter, The Sun recently reported that the Doctor’s sidekick, Amy (Karen Gillan), will die as a part of a “devastating plot twist” during the the initial set of programs. Remember no on has commented, it was The Sun that reported it and the source for the article is “unnamed”. FYI, this isn’t the first time that it was rumored a companion was to be killed off. You may recall back in 2008, this article that suggests either Billie Piper (Rose) or Catherine Tate (Donna) would die fighting alongside David Tennant. That said…decide for yourself.
  • Sherlock co-creator, Mark Gatiss, will write an episode for the upcoming sixth season. The idea that both Gatiss and Neil Gaiman will be writing episodes for the new season makes it already worth the price of admission.
  • From the department of “what do you do after you’re The Doctor“? So far, David Tennant has played Hamlet and Christopher Eccleston starred in the BBC special slated for PBS later this Fall, Lennon Naked. Now, comes news that a former “Doctor” is likely to be cast in The Hobbit. Word is that the great Peter Jackson may fill the vacant director’s chair also. Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor is currently in talks with producers for a “wizard” role.
  • Finally, Doctor Who with a little twist of The Simpsons. For several years, fans of both series have created a scenario in their minds where this would work and be fun. Never substantiated to this point, but drawings from, yet again, unnamed sources, have begun surfacing on the Internet. Also, it has been rumored that Karen Gillan would love to voice a character on The Simpsons. What easier way than to voice herself….just sayin’. As a huge fan of both series, I would love to see this, maybe in the annual Simpsons Halloween classic episode, just for fun?

Enough for today. BTW, you should see the stuff I didn’t print. Anyone else find anything of interest?

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