"Dibley Town Council" exists in Turville

This is too coincidental. Remember just a short time back (yesterday, for that matter), we wondered if in TV, art imitates life or life imitates art. Well, we now have positive proof that both are true in the village of Turville, Buckinghamshire, UK, the setting for the Vicar of Dibley, judging by this story as reported in the UK recently.

Strangely reminiscent of the VOD episode where Geraldine rallies the locals to fight a powerful water company’s plans to transform Dibley into a giant reservoir after a water shortage, this time it’s the real efforts by the grandson of the late U.S. oil billionaire, Sir John Getty, that has the residents and the Wycombe parish town council of Turville ready to fight. Mark Getty, a long-time resident of Wormsley Park near Turville, has plans to create an open air, 600-seat, venue that will be home to the Garsington Opera and its 20+ summer concerts.

Residents of this tucked away village cite traffic gridlock, noise, injury to residents and visitors, road deterioration and general destruction of the natural habitat and beauty as their reasons for being opposed to the planned efforts.

One can only imagine how Geraldine, David, Hugo, Owen, Frank, Jim, Letitia and Alice would handle this one.

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  • Lisa C.

    I hope the Turville residents win!