Felicity Kendal puts on her dancing shoes for Strictly Come Dancing

For all of our UK friends, you are no doubt aware of and have properly marked your calendar for this Saturday, 11 September and the launch show premiere of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One. Unfortunately, for those not living in the UK, you’re stuck with the American version of the British mega-hit, Dancing with the Stars, and whatever former Hollywood Squares center square star they can trot out for this year’s competition. Whichever side of the pond you find yourself, I’m going to make an educated guess that you’re a genuine fan of one of the contestants of Dancing and will want to follow her progress here.

Whether you remember her as Barbara Good from The Good Life (Good Neighbors in the U.S.), Rosemary Boxer from Rosemary and Thyme or any of the number of roles she has graced the London stage with, you’ll know the face and the name of Felicity Kendal. In her early 60’s, Ms. Kendal seems more than ready to meet the challenge head on and seriously compete for the title. Selected for the competition in late July, Ms. Kendal immediately set out a plan for a strict exercise regime and, as you can see here, even takes time out when walking her dog to limber up. Seems as though the 2009 version of Dancing came under fire from audiences last year by loading the field of contestants with young soap opera stars and actresses therefore turning their backs on the decidedly middle-aged audience. The show’s selection of Felicity Kendal and also former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe would seem to be an attempt to change that this year.

Rest assured, British comedy fans around the world will be pulling for Felicity Kendal. Bet she won’t disappoint.

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