British comedy cars want equal time on top-10 list

You  might remember of our earlier in the week mention of the top-10 television and screen hotels where the ultimate British comedy ‘hotel from hell’ topped the list, seems now that the automobile wants equal time. Interestingly enough, British comedy is also featured prominently in this list compiled by Chrises Cars.

For those playing along at home, the you’ll recognize two very familiar vehicles that made the top-10. Coming in at #10 from Only Fools and Horses, Del Boy and Rodney Trotters 3-Wheeler Reliant Regal. At #9, from Mr. Bean, the ultimate Mini.

Sadly, for me, the three that are conspicuously absent from the list are Onslow’s sputtering Ford Cortina from Keeping Up Appearances, Basil’s Austin 1100 Estate from Fawlty Towers (after all, it withstood that damn good thrashing) and Red Dwarf‘s Carbug. Admittedly, the Carbug appeared in only three episodes, but it still was a memorable three weeks.

Here’s your chance to agree or disagree with the top-10 list. Either way, create your own list of top TV and screen automobiles. Polls are open….

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  • Steve Brightman

    No problem with your choices, but number 1 for me would be the Lotus 7 Patrick McGoohan drove in The Prisoner. How could you also omit Inspector Morse’s Jaguar?
    Honourable mentions to the Volvo in the original (Roger Moore) The Saint, John Steed’s Bentley and Emma Peel’s Lotus Elan in The Avengers, and Lovejoy’s Morris Minor covertible (also Nurse Gladys’ moggie in Open All Hours!).
    Hopefully before long you’ll bring us Kingdom, so we can add Stephen Fry’s Alvis to the list……

    • @Steve: Totally with you on the Lotus 7. Sadly, I had forgotten that one. Great choices you put forward. I’m thinking next poll needs to be only British television or screen vehicles. Great list.