Fire at Fawlty Towers. Was it O'Reilly, Stubbs…or, Manuel?

Polly, what have you done to my hotel?

Almost 20 years ago (March 1991), fire engulfed the Woodburn Grange Country Club, the site for the exterior shots filmed for, perhaps, the greatest British comedy of all-time, Fawlty Towers. Sadly, this led to the ultimate demolition of the property, making way for eight houses despite an approved planning commission document that stated the property was to become a 39-room hotel. If you have the DVD box set of the series, you no doubt have found this hidden gem in the traditional ‘DVD extras’ section. If not, a last look at a timeless classic.

Only one question remains. Had this been the “lost” episode of FT, who would have been responsible, O’Reilly or Stubbs? Or, could this have been the result of Manuel’s misadventures in the kitchen making his mother’s famous seafood paella?

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