Buckingham Palace rejects Doctor Who

I’m afraid everyone needs a little explanation and clarification here. Admittedly, we’re talking almost 23 years ago, but it’s still a rejection, nonetheless.

Seems as though back in March 1988, Doctor Who producers thought that the simple fact that it was to be the 25th anniversary of the series wasn’t enough from a promotional standpoint. Someone had the brilliant idea to suggest Prince Edward to star as himself alongside the Doctor of the day, Sylvester McCoy. As the storyline went, the Doctor and his assistant, Ace, would arrive unexpectedly at Windsor Castle and cross paths with His Royal Highness, Prince Edward.

Citing a firm rule against filming at Royal residences for a fictional series, Buckingham Palace politely declined the opportunity. Ultimately, Arundel Castle in West Sussex was used in place of Windsor Castle and a Queen lookalike replaced the real Prince Edward.

In a letter unearthed from the archives of a formerĀ Doctor Who producer, the late John Nathan-Turner, you have to think it put an early dent in the beginning show business aspirations and budding career in television production of Prince Edward. Personally, I think the series did just fine without the artificial storyline bump.

Fast forward 23 years. Let’s hope current producers let the series stand on its own and resist inquiring about Prince William or Harry anytime soon.

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