Happy Birthday / Anniversary, Mr. Bean

Sort of combined Happy birthday, Happy anniversary message to an individual who, in all his years on the small screen, barely uttered a word. Mr. Bean, brilliantly played by the genius that is Rowan Atkinson, is celebrating 20 years this year, having premiered on ITV in 1990. Much like the fact that there are only 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers, given the long-running international following, it’s hard to believe there were only 14 episodes ever produced. Having an animated series, two feature films and having the series broadcast in over 190 countries worldwide doesn’t hurt the recognition factor.

Originally the idea of Atkinson, writing genius, Richard Curtis and British actor/writer, Robin Driscoll, Mr. Bean was based on the stage character that Atkinson created in the 1980’s, birthday greetings are also in order as fans worldwide are well aware that it was revealed in one episode that Mr. Bean’s birthday was today, 15 September.

Sadly, for my money, there’s nothing we can begin to give Mr. Bean for his birthday or anniversary. The biggest gift is what Mr. Bean has given us over the years with the classic scene of how to stuff a turkey topping the list. Running a close second is Bean in the classroom taking a school exam, a nightmare we’ve all had many times over the years, I’m guessing.

Rumors have been circulating recently of Curtis and Atkinson reprising the role with Curtis joking about envisioning an aging Bean as a resident in a nursing home, but I’m afraid that’s all it is at the moment, a distant rumor.

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