Hey, UK – Are you ready for some Spooks (MI5)?

Series 9 Spooks (MI5) spoiler alert! DO NOT READ if you haven’t seen the explosive end of series 8…..

To the lucky folks in the UK, filming for season 9 of MI5 (Spooks) has come to a close and the season premiere broadcast is set for tonight, Monday, 20 September, on BBC One. Richard Armitage, who brilliantly plays Lucas North, has hinted at some interesting developments with his character. For those playing along on in the U.S., looks like season 9 will not premiere on public television stations until approximately April 2011.

For those that have followed the first eight seasons and the edge-of-your-seat lives of Harry, Tom, Zoe, Danny, Adam, Jo, Ros, Malcolm, Ruth, Fiona and Zaf, I’m already in must see TV mode when Armitage says, “This year, the storylines feel very politically current but we also learn a lot more about the team,” he teased. “Who are these people, what lies beneath the surface, who are they true to, what secrets do they hide in order to do their jobs? Deception and betrayal are key.”

In this interview with the BBC, Armitage talks about new characters joining the Grid, and the Government and then goes on to say, “Of course there are also exciting and intriguing stories of the week but the overall series arc really unravels the character of Lucas North and blows his whole world apart. His loyalty and his future at MI5 are all under the microscope.”

For those in the UK, we’d love a review of the premiere episode of season 9 after you see it. Please post comments as to what we can expect here in the US when if comes to public television in 2011.  Thanks.

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