Felicity Kendal trains and shops her way towards a possible Strictly Come Dancing title

DVR alert for those in the UK

The new season of Strictly Come Dancing, which premieres Friday, 1 October on BBC One, is shaping up to be a great competition. We definitely want to keep track of one of the greats of British comedy (Good Life) and drama Rosemary and Thyme), Felicity Kendal, as she competes for the title.

Definitely a TMZ moment

While practice and training can be 90% of the battle, feet can be a dancers greatest weapon and taking care of your greatest weapon is of the utmost importance. That said, it was nothing but the best going forward for Felicity as she recently opted for a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes that would make Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City) proud for that last 10% before the competition begins.

Looking forward to the Latin dances the most, Ms. Kendal felt the slower ballroom dances would be a good introduction for her. She followed up by saying she’d never danced properly before, admitting “I danced in a play, I danced in a film, but that’s not training. I used to bar work when I was younger, so I’d do those exercises, but that isn’t dancing, that’s just getting your body into the right position. It’s a completely different thing because it’s very slow and static. So it’s the speed that you’ve got to get in this competition.”

If in the UK, keep us posted on how things are going each week.

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