Celebrate British Cheese Week!


With British Pie Week nothing but a distant memory in our rear-view mirror, how could we have missed this and, more importantly, why were we not invited to be a judge at the Great British Cheese Festival at Cardiff Castle earlier this week! Okay, kidding about the judge part, but would have loved to have been there for the kickoff to the week’s festivities.

Thankfully for all, wherever you may be, it runs through Sunday, 3 October so there’s still time. What is British Cheese Week, you find yourself asking at this very moment? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s that annual nationwide campaign to promote British Cheese. What else?

If you didn’t make it to the festival, you can still celebrate in your own special way. I can definitely vouch for one amazing shop where you can both celebrate and learn about all-things cheese. La Fromagerie, in Marylebone, has to be the best cheese shop in England. Not only is their in-store cheese room the best, but there is a tasting room that you can get a pretty stellar sampler cheese plate from not only England, but around the world. If you can make it there for lunch, sit at the communal table and get the British Cheese plate along with the unbelievable Charcuterie Plate. You can also order a French or Italian Cheese plate, but I figured since it IS British Cheese Week, you need to support local.

If you need a little more to get you La Fromagerie, I leave you with this handmade tribute video to British Cheese Week.

If you’re not in the immediate area, there’s also an online cheese room at La Fromagerie that will help you create the perfect cheese plate from professional farmhouse cheese artisans along with suggested wine pairings.

So….Happy British Cheese Week to you all. At tellyspotting, we‘ll be celebrating 5000 miles away with some Colston Bassett Stilton. And you?

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