Branagh returns as Kurt Wallander – tonight on PBS

Wallander returns to PBS tonight

Another stellar season of Masterpiece premieres tonight on PBS when Kenneth Branagh again brings Swedish policeman, Kurt Wallander, to life in the second season of Wallander 9p ET/8p CT. Branagh created the character, which is based on the highly successful and griping international bestsellers by Henning Mankell. Tonight’s episode, “Faceless Killers”, has Branagh again in the midst of a brutal murder investigation. This time, vying for time in his own mind, an internal struggle forces him to examine his own motives before he can understand the answer to the murder victim’s final question of her life, “Who did this?” Did she mutter “farmer” or “foreigner”? It’s up to Wallander to find out.

Kenneth Branagh talks Wallander

The great Kenneth Branagh explains the intense internal conflict that is Kurt Wallander in this behind-the-scenes look at the second season, airing on PBS (and KERA), tonight, October 10 and 17.

More “making-of” videos here including Wallander’s character development from season one, the task of creating Wallander’s emotional state in a physical environment and, perhaps, the reason why British television excels beyond anything else, how the pacing in Wallander gives the audience time to think about what they are seeing on screen.

This is the beginning of some great must see TV on Masterpiece this Fall. Enjoy.

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