Felicity, at 14:1, sets sights on Strictly Come Dancing title

Our next installment of tracking Felicity Kendal (Good Life, Rosemary and Thyme) as she moves one step closer to her goal of winning the title on Strictly Come Dancing has Felicity locked in a battle with sentimental audience favorite, Conservative MP, Anne Widdecombe.

While Ms. Widdecombe, 63, has the decided age difference over Felicity, who just turned 64, she has a ways to go in catching the judges attention as judge Bruno Tonioli described Miss Widdecombe as “a juggernaut in every sense” and complimented Miss Kendal as
seriously hot”. Attributing her youthful physical appearance to exercise and “expensive skincare products”, Felicity also wasn’t shy in noting that she does love her wine and enjoys the odd cigarette. Viewers on the SCD website were quick to comment that “the Good Life” has done her no harm all these years.

It will be a tough road for our British comedy/drama favorite as Ms. Widdecombe’s “gutsy performance” dropped from a 100:1 long shot to win to 12:1 while Felicity remains at 14:1 odds to win the title.

The next installment will air on the BBC tomorrow night (Saturday, 9 October) so if you’re in the UK, please give us a status update as to the competition as it unfolds this week.


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