What would you put in the TARDIS?

Guess now that Matt Smith is back for his second season as The Doctor, he’s feeling a bit more comfortable in asking for things on the set. Having displayed exceptional football skills last year, Smith is eager to show off his musical skills in an upcoming episode. What better way but to add a piano to the TARDIS.

A recent CBBC poll asking younger viewers what they might be interested in seeing in the TARDIS brought out some interesting answers such as the fact that not only did pets/animals seem to be a close second to gadgets (laptops, TV’s, etc.), but a fair number suggested various kitchen appliances for the obvious reason of having food items in the TARDIS.

Most interesting response comes from Claire in West Sussex, England with “…probably a dance floor so I could have an intergalactic Strictly Come Dancing right on my doorstep!

Obviously, it’s a big place so don’t be afraid to throw in the kitchen sink. That said, we thought it might be of interest to all to ask…

What would you put in the TARDIS?

p.s. This just in….looks like the initial season with Matt Smith as “the Doctor” and Karen Gillan as Amy will come to public television stations as early as April 2011.

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  • Anglophilesouth

    A tennis court, so the Doctor could practice up for Wimbledon.

  • Chris Coker

    As far as I know, the TARDIS has everything in it already! Whatever The Doctor needs seems to be located somewhere in that little blue box (it’s bigger on the inside, you know).

  • Cora

    Looking forward to the new series! Will the Confidentials be included again? Thanks KERA.

    • Cora: Yes, the “Confidential” segments are slated to air following each corresponding episode. I love these, especially, if it ties up or explains a bit from a behind the scenes standpoint about the episode just seen.

  • Cora

    Thanks Mr. Young! Looking forward to those segments too! Also, I just read that Doctor Who will film in the States. First 2 episodes of the next series. For details, use your favorite search engine for something similar to “doctor who film in USA.”

  • Stella44

    I definitely there’s a McDonalds
    in the Tardis (I mean, they get everywhere!)